mHealth Initiative re-launches web site, plans international conference

The mHealth Initiative, the organization that succeeded the now-defunct Medical Records Institute earlier this year, is already doing some re-branding. The Boston-based group, headed by longtime health IT advocate and researcher C. Peter Waegemann, and former American Association for Medical Transcription CEO Claudia Tessier, has launched a new website at (pronounced mobi-H) according to an emailed announcement.

The group has unveiled plans for its first International mHealth Networking and Web Conference, scheduled for Feb. 3-4 of next year in Washington, D.C. The event will focus on the use of mobile devices for healthcare in both clinical and consumer settings. Also on the mHealth Initiative's docket is the development of the mHealth Observatory, an online resource guide meant to sort out and provide information about products and services across 12 "application clusters" the organization has identified.

These clusters include: patient communication; access to web-based resources; point-of-care documentation; disease management; education programs and telemedicine; professional communication; administrative apps; financial apps; ambulance/emergency medical services; public health; pharma and clinical trials; and so-called "body-area networks."

For more information:
Visit the mHealth Initiative website