mHealth data integration will drive big data strategies for providers, payers

The massive amount of data being collected on mobile healthcare devices will lead to big data initiatives among providers, payers and device makers, says a new ABI Research report.

From fitness trackers, to smartphones serving as blood sugar monitors, to video conferencing in telemedicine and texting programs helping boost patient recovery, the data will be tapped for improved health management and healthcare programs once needed infrastructure and frameworks are built in the healthcare sector, explains the study.

"Millions of people are tracking their levels of activity daily and healthcare providers are increasingly examining ways to leverage this data to improve levels of care and efficiency," says ABI Research principal analyst Jonathan Collins in an announcement.

Consumers embrace an increasing range of mHealth devices, apps and wearables while at the same time, concerns about data security and protection of confidential information remains a top priority.

Physicians are a bit leery as well and want a strong return-on-investment for mHealth tech. Mobile monitoring services are a major factor spurring growth in the mHealth market, an industry that is expected to hit projected revenue of more than $49 billion within six years, according to a new Grand View Research report.

The study expects 42 million wearable wireless fitness and healthcare devices will ship this year. The data being collected is exported and fed into third-party apps for analysis in healthcare strategies and technology. A growing number of cloud applications vendors are focusing on the big data scenario in play and the promise is better treatment plans and cheaper insurance rates, the study, which describes big data analysis in healthcare as lagging compared to other industry sectors.

"At present the concept and the development of bringing activity data into healthcare services is at its earliest stage," the announcement reads. "However, over the next five years, spending on bringing these wearable wireless consumer activity device collected data into healthcare big data analysis will grow to a $52 million market by 2019."

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