Medicine's future may include wireless, real-time vitals

If live video in an ambulance can save the lives of seriously ill or injured patients, imagine how many lives could be saved with even earlier intervention--the instant there might be a problem. Wearable sensors can alert patients and caregivers alike to early signs of an impending heart attack or other life-threatening condition, before there are any more obvious symptoms. "Think of it like Twitter for your organs," says a post on Singularity Hub, a blog about artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics and other aspects of the future of medicine.

Real-time vital signs also can help improve the quality of care once patients arrive at the hospital. One company, Triage Wireless, is developing a wearable sensor to feed up-to-date readings to vitals monitors, no matter where the patient goes within the hospital. Additionally, this type of technology could help collect all sorts of new data on heart function and failure, opening up research opportunities.

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