McKesson starts non-profit mobile development foundation; Insurance companies diving deep into app development;

> IT giant McKesson just started its own non-profit mobile development foundation for health research. Grants anyone? Article

> Medgadget highlights an intriguing new "personal spirometer" that allows patients with lung conditions, like asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis to monitor their lung function at home. Article

> Big insurers want a big seat at the mHealth table, and they're developing the apps to do just that. Check out this FierceHealthPayer piece on insurance companies and their evolving app strategies. There definitely are some lessons in there for hospitals. Article

> Here's an interesting piece from InformationWeek Healthcare on the way investors' preferences are evolving when it comes to mHealth startups. Flashy fitness and consumer-oriented apps might just be on the way out. Article

And Finally... The force was not with this man. Article