Lockheed Martin to build mobile interface for Coast Guard's EHR; Smartphone best thing since ... stethoscope?

> Lockheed Martin will develop a mobile interface for the U.S. Coast Guard's integrated Health Information System, which will enable providers to update patient records via smartphone or tablet, Government Health IT reports. The interface will be accessible by all of Coast Guard's 43 clinics nationwide. Article

> The smartphone and the tablet are on pace to become the most popular tech devices for doctors since the stethoscope, according to a new infographic created by Foster City, Calif.-based marketing firm QuinStreet for the healthcare career site Allied Health World, MedCity News reports. The infographic also claims that at present, there are more than 500 ongoing mobile health projects worldwide, and more than 40,000 medical apps available for smartphones and tablets. Post

> The West Health Institute announced that its first resident company will be Sense4Baby Inc., which is licensing the institute's Sense4Baby technology for a wireless fetal monitor, according to the San Diego Business Journal. The monitor could be used to keep track of high-risk pregnancies in remote clinics. Article

And Finally… Wow, that stinks! Article