Jeb Bush touts promise of Apple Watch in healthcare; Social media sites leverage health data;

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> Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush isn't thrilled with Obamacare, but is passionate about the healthcare promise behind Apple Watch, according to Bloomberg. He views the wearable as a valuable tool in moving from what he calls a "national disease system" to a health system. Article

> Social networks are fast becoming the go-to place for patients to learn about health issues. The companies, including Twitter, increasingly are recognizing the potential of serving a $3 trillion industry. A Twitter engineer, who focuses on healthcare, tells MedCityNews that social media players have tremendous data at their disposal regarding healthcare issues and consumer needs. Article

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> Health website creators and designers need to pay closer attention to the needs and computing capabilities of older patients, reports new eGEMS research. Many website makers are overestimating target user's computer skills and aren't providing the preferred detailed instructions and prompts that the older online audience prefers. Article

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> Patient satisfaction is at its "lowest level in nearly a decade," according to a new American Consumer Satisfaction Index report that polled more than 70,000 individuals. Yet while satisfaction has dipped, healthcare spending per household increased nearly 6 percent last year, the biggest jump since the start of the recession. Article

> A good number of hospitals, about 40 percent, aren't meeting the Leapfrog Group's national nursing workforce standard, which encompasses 21 workforce safe practices such as ensuring adequate staffing and adequate funding for nursing services. The report comes on the heels of another study that reveals hospitals are making little headway in regard to boosting patient safety outcomes. Article

And Finally... I'm happy staying right here on land. Article