Ireland provider taps Apple for EHR platform; Robust growth ahead for mHealth market;

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> A Northern Ireland provider is tapping Apple technology and mobile service player Kainos for its healthcare delivery platform, KainosEvolve, which will house electronic medical records, according to the Belfast TelegraphArticle

> The mHealth market will boast a 47.6 percent growth rate in the next five years, hitting $49.12 billion, according to new data from Grand View Research, with monitoring services projected to have even a more accelerated growth spurt by 2020 of 49.7 percent. Big market drivers are the aging demographic of the U.S. and increasing chronic disease. Announcement

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> Insurers have launched more price transparency initiatives to empower their members to become more engaged in and make more informed choices about their healthcare, according to a new issue brief from America's Health Insurance Plans. Based on the huge variation in medical costs, price transparency tools are important to insurers because they can help lower procedures' market price. Article

> While big data has the power to transform the health insurance industry, regulators don't often capitalize on the given opportunity. For instance, big data could help alleviate the burden on insurers and provide a deeper understanding of insurer behavior and consumer experience, finds a report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Article

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> Reducing medical errors is a major priority for the healthcare industry, and now legislators and patient safety advocates are exploring a potential solution to the problem: Cameras in the operating room. Article

> The revamped 17-story Parkland Hospital in Dallas features 862 single-patient rooms that are ready to accommodate a growing number of obese patients. It's a trend at hospitals across the country, but few are on the scale of Parkland's design. Roughly one-third of Americans are obese, and as the numbers continue to rise, hospitals around the country invest in equipment to accommodate more plus-sized patients. Article

And Finally... It's a nebula, it's a knot of gas, it's a cosmic butterfly. Article