Intel preps updated wearable; mHealth app security challenges loom;

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> Intel is prepping to entrench itself into the wearables market, debuting an upgraded Basis Peak fitness band that will ship in November, according to The latest Intel smartband is lighter, thinner and boasts longer battery power and an enhanced display. Article

> Mobile app security promises to be a healthcare IT nightmare through the end of 2015 given the current ratio of three attacks hitting mobile devices for every one attack on a PC; and considering 75 percent of apps are destined to fail basic security tests, according to Gartner. The top security headaches are device loss and theft, malware, poorly coded apps and rogue hotspots. Article

> A mHealth startup plans to debut a series of news apps, for both Android and iOS device users, to provide information and support to cancer patients, according to Re/Code. First up is the "My Breast Cancer Journey" app aimed at helping users track medical tests, assess medical information tailored to their needs, provide data to clinical trials and share medical status updates with family and friends. Article

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> Open and interoperable systems are a necessity for healthcare organizations, according to a chief executive at a California health institute, as they will enhance patients' safety while boosting clinical outcomes all at a lower price point. "Companies will need to think holistically about improving patient outcomes, reducing hospital admissions and adding value to the ecosystem already in place," writes Nick Valeriani, chief executive at West Health and CEO of the Gary and Mary West Health Institute in La Jolla, California. Article

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> As care givers and providers strive to better engage patients the key is determining the right approach to reach patients who don't succeed with treatment and aren't taking advantage of the best services offered, according to Tim Murphy, chief executive of Beacon Health Strategies and former secretary of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. "Many individuals are unstable from a social perspective, their housing, jobs, family unit…If an individual is not a partner with you, they will find a solution in an ER or in an unnecessary patient stay," he says. Article

And Finally… Meet the 'Jimmy Durante' of the dinosaur age. Article