Integration key to digital health initiatives at New York-Presbyterian

New York-Presbyterian Hospital is focusing on integration as a key way to make the most out of mobile technology at its facilities.

NYP, which is made up of six hospital centers, built its own system, called NYP Connect, which provides needed customized technology and capabilities, according to an InformationWeek report.

"One of the things we've been trying to improve around the hospital is the ability of people to collaborate around patient care," Aurelia Boyer, senior VP and CIO of NYP, told InformationWeek. "A hospital is about collaboration and teamwork. It's been an asynchronous communication, where we rely on beepers and call lists where a person might not be available, and it's been rather inefficient."

But creating an in-house mHealth system didn't happen overnight or without hurdling some strenuous obstacles, including understanding and mapping out care team interaction, according to the article.

That required some deep data diving and tapping the hospital's electronic health record system.

NYP integrated different databases into one source and brought different applications into one platform, Peter Fleischut, M.D., NYP's associate chief innovation officer, told InformationWeek. The new system allows providers to communicate with any patient's care team over the phone or through texting and messaging. 

New York University Langone Medical Center also recently examined how mobile integration into its workflow could make care easier. The hospital is using the tools to streamline registration and create smoother electronic health record integration.

The NYP Connect system also provides expanded communication between patients, care teams and other hospital units, which include surgical rooms and labs.

"We want nurses and providers to be able to call directly into an operating room, or call into a cath lab, or call into an emergency room so if a patient is coming in from the emergency room to the floor, the nurse on the floor can call directly to the emergency room to find out who was taking care of that patient," Fleischut told InformationWeek. 

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