iMPak debuts at-home sleep analysis system

iMPak Health in Neptune, N.J., has partnered with a local health system, Meridian Health, to create a sleep analysis app it says gives patients clinical quality sleep monitoring at home.

Unlike many sleep tracking apps already available, which require the user to enter data about their sleep habits, the Sleep Trak app uses actigraphy to actually measure the amount and quality of the users' sleep, reviewers at MobileMarketingWatch say. Actigraphy is the science of measuring and analyzing movement, and often used in professional sleep labs to diagnose sleep disorders.

Users wear a credit-card-sized device while sleeping, which measures movement and other factors to determine who much the user is actually resting.

The big breakthrough, however, is the addition of near-field communication technology. Rather than linking to their smartphone and uploading data, users need only touch the card to their smartphone to automatically transfer the data. One limiting factor: The system is only enabled for use with Nokia C7 phones, according to company statements.

Company officials indicate they'll move to other platforms eventually, but no word yet on which they're targeting.

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