Harry Greenspun: mHeath moves from 'can do this' to 'need to do this'

Mobile healthcare is making a transition from "we can do this" to "we need to do this," Harry Greenspun, M.D., director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, says in an interview at mHealthIntelligence.com.

"We need to be able to share data more effectively, we need to do care coordination, we need to engage consumers, and we need to harness the data that is available across all these things in order to actually conduct the practice of medicine," Greenspun says.

Such a dynamic approach has served as a top catalyst for innovation and patient acceptance of mHealth, Greenspun adds. Right now, mHealth is at a stage he describes as an "inflection point," with a good deal of smartphone apps coming into play.

"The exciting part is transitioning into value-based care, paying for outcomes, paying for value, and it really is opening the door for innovation," he says. Article



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