Happtique exec dishes on apps; Physical therapists try 'Wii-hab';

> Reviewers at iMedicalApps have identified three apps they say physicians should actually prescribe, not just suggest. Here's their favorite: Cancer.net. Article

> Developers (and doctors) are pushing Apple for virtualization capability on iPhones and iPads to allow BYOD rollouts. Apple isn't exactly thrilled. Article

> Happtique Senior Technology Advisor Paul Nerger gives the low-down on safe, effective health apps, drawn from the group's ongoing app-vetting activities. Some interesting insights into apps on the market today. Article

> Telenor released its full mHealth report this week, detailing mobile health projects around the globe, and their impact on global health. Article

> Physical therapists are turning Nintendo Wii games into new electronic "Wii-hab." And they're having surprisingly positive results for post-surgery patients and the elderly. Check it out. Article

> PositiveID partnered with Merge-MD earlier this month to provide its iglucose diabetes management system to patients in rural areas of the U.S. Article

And Finally... I wish there had been a scholarship for knowing useless trivia when I went to school. Article