Government's PubMed site finally offers mobile-viewing platform

Although it's still officially being beta tested, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) is offering users access to a new mobile-friendly version of its website.

Storing more than 20 million medical reports, literature, citations, etc., PubMed has been searchable via smartphone for some time now--but only through separate apps. The new launch by the NLM cuts out the middleman and allows medical students and researchers to do direct, if basic, searches on the new mobile-enabled website. NLM officials tell that they made the leap to a mobile-enabled site because of a dramatic increase in mobile browsing for health-related content.

Because it's web-based, the new mobile PubMed isn't device specific, according to a review of the new site late last week by Reviewers generally applauded the new app, although they did complain about the inability to limit searches, as one can do on the full website. NLM officials also note that users can't do advanced searches through the mobile gateway, either.

Note: The site doesn't automatically come up when you go to, so be sure to follow this link ( to see the new version.

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