Google gives a sneak peek at its mHealth intentions

Google has given us a peek into its upcoming mHealth wearables strategy, which is part of its Android Wear, set to kick off with smart watches and promises to go "well beyond" fitness insight with an "expansive catalogue of apps."

According to a blog post written by Sundar Pichai, senior vice president for Android, Chrome and apps from Google, the wearables will provide information pulled in from messaging apps and Google notification services, allow users to say "Ok Google" to pose questions on everything from checking calorie counts to calling a taxi, and give real-time speed, distance and time data on daily runs, bike treks or walks.

"We're always seeking new ways for technology to help people live their lives and this is just another step in that journey. Here's to getting the most out of the many screens you use every day--whether in your car, in your pocket or, very soon, on your wrist," writes Pichai. The news comes on the heels of similar innovations by Apple, which announced in February a new iOS application codenamed Healthbook, which already goes far beyond heart rate monitoring by featuring hydration and oxygen saturation data.  Samsung's impending new Galaxy S5 will feature a built-in heart sensor. Late last year Samsung announced it was expanding its S Health platform and a health app for its Galaxy S4 device. Article