Globaltel, ScribeWell combine to offer SMS transcription, image exchange

Text-messaging software company Globaltel Media has teamed up with medical transcription firm Scribe-Well to create what's being billed as the first application that allows transcriptionists to send electronic medical records and clinical notes with embedded images via SMS. The product, called Scribe-Well Medical Transcription Solution, supports fast, secure transmission of this medical data between PCs and mobile devices, no matter the wireless carrier.

"Combining Scribe-Well's leading medical transcription technology with Globaltel Media's MedAlirti and managed two-way SMS systems has enabled the creation of a cutting edge, patent-pending solution that will transform information sharing among healthcare providers," Robert Sanchez, CEO of San Diego-based Globaltel, says in a press release.

"This innovative solution enables the rapid exchange of critical information in a new and unprecedented way," orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Flood says in the same release. "When every second counts, the ability to immediately send and receive images and video along with patient records across the health information ecosystem whether in the office or offsite can help speed patient diagnoses and improve quality of care."

Scribe-Well, headquartered in Las Vegas, says the new product is "highly secure and HIPAA-compliant," and follows the guidelines of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity and the Medical Transcription Industry Association for capture and transmission of patient encounters.

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