GAO criticizes FDA on medical device clearance speed; Hospitals need more SEO skills to engage patients on mobile devices;

> The Food and Drug Administration just got some tough criticism from the Government Accountability Office. GAO officials studied the medical device clearance process and said FDA has gotten substantially slower at processing 510(k) applications, and is "inconsistent" in handling pre-market approvals. Report (.pdf)

> Hospitals need more search-engine optimization (SEO) skills if they hope to engage patients on mobile devices, and also take advantage of advertising and branding opportunities. Article

> Community health services in Austin, Texas are testing a text-based program to encourage teens to talk about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and other reproductive health issues. Teens can text questions to the service, and receive an answer within 24 hours. Article

> Here's a big warning for clinicians using smartphones: An in-depth piece in the New York Times details the growing menace of spam on cell phones and other mobile devices. Article

And Finally... Or, you could just squeeze it. Article