Fossil Group buys wearable company Misfit; LifeScan app allows patients to view blood sugar readings, share data via HealthKit;

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> Fitness wearable and sleep tracker maker Misfit is being acquired by watchmaker Fossil Group for $260 million, according to a TechCrunch report. Misfit's devices include the Shine and Flash trackers. Article

> Diabetics using LifeScan, Inc.'s OneTouch Reveal mobile app now can view blood sugar readings in the app via an iPhone and share the data with healthcare providers. LifeScan is a glucose monitoring vendor that is part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies. Announcement

Health Insurance News

> Though health insurers are starting to pursue value-based deals with drug and device manufacturers, two pharmaceutical executives think the U.S. healthcare industry isn't quite ready to switch to that pricing model. Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez and Roche CEO Severin Schwan say that though the current pay-per-pill model is unsustainable, there are some major barriers preventing outcome-based pricing from going mainstream. Article

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> Security researchers have accuses the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of being "a toothless dragon" in dealing with medical device vulnerabilities, according to a Bloomberg Business article. In the report, hacker Billy Rios recounts how the Mayo Clinic, in 2013, engaged him and other "white hat" hackers and set them off in teams in an effort to exploit about 40 different medical devices. Article

> The Federal Trade Commission's data security enforcement case against Atlanta-based cancer screening laboratory LabMD following an alleged 2008 data breach was dismissed Friday by an administrative law judge who said that the agency failed to prove the breach harmed, or could potentially harm, consumers. Article

And Finally... In the eyes of astronomy, Pluto was born yesterday. Article