First responder broadband network a slow go; FTC seeks mobile device security insight;

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> An effort to build a broadband network just for first responder use is moving forward but not quickly, with leaders indicating it may take years to get up and running, according to Nextgov. Article

> The Federal Trade Commission is issuing orders to more than half dozen mobile device makers to provide the agency with insight on how they are addressing security issues and flaws. The list includes Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola. Announcement

> Several African countries are embracing a mobile birth registration tool that will also help the government gain insight on health, education and related public services relating to a more accurate birth registration process, according to Ventures Africa. Article

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> A judge's ruling for the plaintiffs in House v. Burwell represents a setback for the Obama administration and a potential financial hit for health insurers. Yet that's not all at stake with such legal challenges to the ACA, Rita Numerof, Ph.D., president of healthcare strategy consulting firm Numerof & Associates, tells FierceHealthPayer. Article

> Consumers who purchased insurance on the Affordable Care Act exchange are just as satisfied with their health plan as those with employer plans, and they are growing more confident in their ability to cover medical costs, according to a survey published by Deloitte. Article

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> Information sharing for clinical research must comprise of more than raw data dumps, according to researchers who advocate for the funding and development of platforms to "standardize, clean and curate data into usable formats." Article

And Finally… This beetle has its own special GPS system. Article