Examining India's mHeath challenges; demand for digital IQ in leadership ranks;

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> Validic (a mobile health marketplace startup) CEO Ryan Beckland says the dramatic shift happening in mHealth is driving three primary reactions: a stronger push to gain efficiencies, a demand for better healthcare and a drive to reduce the per capita costs of healthcare. "There is a problem of interoperability in healthcare that has plagued the industry for decades," he writes in a post at HIT Consultant. Article

> A big challenge for India's healthcare system is the ability to leverage mobile and cloud technologies but it won't be easy as the country's legacy systems are housed on closed platforms which prevents using cloud-based options, says a telecom expert with Wipro writing at Voice & Data. The focus must be on mobile, he explains, as most citizens don't have home Internet but more than have are using smartphones. Article

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> Though technology is a top priority for executives around the globe, only one in five companies claim an excellent "digital IQ"--and healthcare execs are leading the pack, according to PriceWaterhouseCooper's sixth annual digital IQ survey. Results showed 82 percent of healthcare organizations lead their peers from other industries in rating their CEOs as "active champions in the use of information technology to achieve their strategy." The average across all industries was 71 percent. The survey found a "digital CEO" is one of the five behaviors most important to raising an organization's digital IQ. Article

> A new report reveals most patients prefer doctor-led care management over tech-related options. While technology provides the opportunity for heart failure patients to more actively manage their symptoms, patients still look to their doctors for guidance in doing so, according to a small study published in Telemedicine and eHealth. Article

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> Insurers could soon add millions of new members in upcoming months, since tens of thousands of consumers still haven't completed their health insurance exchange enrollment. What's more, millions of consumers have foregone the exchanges to sign up directly with insurers, which haven't been included in enrollment figures. Article

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