EU approves wearable glucose monitor; Garmin delivers smartwatch;

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> The European Union has approved a wearable blood glucose sensor that replaces the traditional finger-prick test used for assessing glucose levels, according to an article at The FreeStyle Libre meter collects data every minute using a coin-sized sensor worn on the back of the upper arm. Article

> Garmin is the latest tech vendor to jump into the smartwatch wave pool with its Vivosmart wristband that builds on the vendor's Vivofit activity tracker device, according to a New York Times article. The smartwatch offers up an enhanced OLED screen and alerts for incoming messages and calendar reminders. Article

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> mHealth tech and coordinated care are vital to eliminating disparities in care for vulnerable populations. A patient-centered medical home approach, along with better data capture and analysis, offers the potential to coordinate stakeholders focused on improving care based on data compiled in real time. Article

> There's a lot of talk about big data in the healthcare industry these days, but what about small data? Larry Stofko, executive vice president of the Innovation Institute at St. Joseph Health System in Orange County, California, says the latter is just as important. Article

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>Carefully chosen incentives can play a huge part in an effective wellness program yet despite such insight, and the fact a majority of companies worldwide are focused on creating a workplace culture incorporating health and wellness, not even half of employees are participating in such programs. Article

And Finally… Think we just found the star of "Jurassic World." Article