Ear bud technology offers a unique biometric monitoring option

Unlike most remote monitoring sensors that are stuck on the skin with woven mesh, bandages or adhesive textiles, tech company Valencell has come up with a sensor that patients just might wear all the time--ear buds.

The company debuted its new technology, V-LINC, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, and a blogger from MedGadget appeared to have been quietly impressed. The ear-bud option is actually ingenious, according to Scott Jung, because it takes advantage of one of the few places on the body that deliver reliable, accurate data its inner workings. The technology has been validated by Duke University's Center for Living, Valencell officials said.

The ear buds record heart rate, respiration, metabolic rates, calories burned, speed, cardiovascular endurance and more, according to MedGadget. Valencell officials said they are licensing the technology to device makers for health concerns such as cardiac function, temperature and mobility.

The data then can be sent to a smartphone or other mobile device for transmission to physicians or other parties.

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