E-commerce apps will spur mHealth; Mobile phones used by hospital staffers not sanitary;

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> Stephen Krupa, chief operating officer for Psilos, believes the top mHealth adoption driver will be e-commerce apps, similar to what's happened in other industries. He tells mHealthNews that interoperability is key for hospitals to bolt on secure mobile communications, workflow and point-of-care networks across discharge provider networks. Article

> A new study reveals that mobile phones used by hospital staff are not sanitary, and actually can spread bacteria. The research, conducted in a pediatric unit in Australia, indicated 95 percent of medical staff handsets featured a bacteria, such as skin flora, according to an ABC Science report. Article

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> Chief information officers may soon have to find themselves lawyers, because as cybersecurity attacks increase, the IT leaders could end up in the courtroom. Article

> Researchers from Canada, Europe and the United States are calling on major funding agencies to set up a global genomic data repository in the cloud available to authorized researchers worldwide. Article

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> Anthem and Cigna "seem to be making progress toward a deal" following the news of Aetna's planned acquisition of fellow health insurer Humana. Article

And Finally... If only I was a Giant Panda. Article

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