Discovery brings medical tricorder closer to reality; Use email to reach physicians about online/tech issues, study shows

> Sci-fi no more? Newly discovered "T-rays" may bring bring medical tricorders closer to reality, according to a new study. Article

> ONC is offering a new app challenge. It wants developers to tackle med record access for the disabled. Article

> Check out some interesting new tidbits on from CIO Dale Potter on the Ottowa Hospital's massive iPad rollout--particularly the role CPOE played in its rapid-fire adoption. Article

> Interesting new study finds a link between excessive cell phone use and "selfishness." Article

> Study finds mobile messaging can help with dehydration management in developing countries. Article

> Want to get physicians to use that shiny new app of yours? Email them, a new marketing study says. That's how they prefer to learn about apps, software, online services and more. Article

> Intriguing business deal: HCA not only contracted to offer AirStrip mobile cardiology monitoring software to more of its hospitals ... it also invested in the company. Article

And Finally... Orange you glad you didn't participate in this event? Article