Diabetes telehealth pilot in Mississippi leverages tablet computers

A new remote care management program for diabetics in Mississippi is putting the power of technology in the hands of patients in the form of Internet-capable tablets.

Called the Diabetes Telehealth Network, the public-private partnership is designed to expand access to quality care for patients across Mississippi, which ranks second among all states nationwide in disease prevalence with more than 373,000 adults living with some form of diabetes. The pilot project--a first of its kind nationally--will begin recruiting patients this spring in the Mississippi Delta to participate in the 18-month remote care management program.

The pilot's tablets will be equipped with the Care Innovations Guide platform which enables healthcare providers to offer a clinically driven, fully integrated remote care management solution for populations with chronic conditions. The technology will share health data, such as weight, blood pressure and glucose levels, daily with clinicians, who will have a much more complete view of a patient's health status enabling them to easily adjust medical care, as well as schedule phone calls or video chats with patients as necessary. Announcement