Device to measure lung function; IMS Health envisions wearable platform ecosystem;

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> The Food and Drug Administration green-lit a mobile spirometer, which features Bluetooth sensors and works off a smartphone or tablet, for measuring lung function metrics, HIT Consultant reports. The respiratory device, from Cohero Health, now has 510(k) clearance. Article

> Global healthcare information services company IMS Health envisions an Internet of Things life sciences wearable platform ecosystem, supporting the pharma segment end-to-end via Apple's Watch. Chief Digital Officer Richie Etwaru tells Forbes such a platform will put real-time information at the fingertips of reps and product docs for the client. Article

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> Hospitals must address environmental factors that leave many patients at risk of long-term damage from post-hospital syndrome and delirium, according to a column in Forbes. Hospital patients, who are already weak, must cope with a hospital environment that typically features frequent interruptions, bright lights and poor coordination due to drug treatments, writes Robert Pearl, M.D., CEO of the Permanente Medical Group. Article

> The rural health financial crisis has forced many hospitals to cut their workforces, others to drop services like routine baby deliveries, and all to look at other delivery options and financial models. But more hospital closures are likely, industry experts say, unless the federal and state governments make policy changes. Article

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There are some challenges to be addressed and overcome when it comes to using routine data in the development of a learning health system, according to a BMJ Quality and Safety commentary. The list of hurdles includes a "data shadow," or missing data that is needed for a full view of a patient's health status. Article

And Finally… Ant scent ranges from blue cheese to rotten coconut. Who knew! Article