CTIA highlights best practices for wireless data collection, remote monitoring

You know technologies are maturing when someone starts developing best practices for their use. That seems to be the case with data collection from wireless heart monitors, as evidenced by Aaron Goldmuntz, VP of business development for sensor manufacturer CardioNet, who discussed best practices and lessons learned from using such monitors in integrated care plans for patients with chronic heart ailments.

That was just one of the healthcare-related highlights from last week's International CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas last week. We couldn't get there--$600 airfares have a way of discouraging travel to an event that's not healthcare-specific--but Smart Products Ecosystem Connections had correspondents to chronicle the show.

One such writer, Scott Kargman of Crossfire Media, was particularly intrigued by HealthPAL, a gadget from remote-monitoring vendor MedApps that looks like a mini cell phone because it is. HealthPAL links to various telemetric devices and patient monitors by Bluetooth and wired connections, then transmits readings via GSM or CDMA cellular networks.

For more of Kargman's observations from CTIA:
- read this Smart Products Ecosystem Connections report

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