Collaborative mobile monitoring system aims to prevent fall injuries

A new smart home system featuring wearables, a real-time fall detection algorithm and shoe-based activity monitoring aims to help prevent stumbles that can lead to serious injury in elderly patients.

The FARSEEING technology, according to a European Commission announcement, is a two-part system that tracks movements via sensors and collects and processes data using an audio and video system for improved fall prediction analysis. 

"Our system offers better fall prediction, as well as the potential to understand what happens physically before someone falls and set up preventive measures accordingly," said Lorenzo Chiari, project coordinator and vice director of the Health Sciences and Technologies - Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research at the University of Bologna in Italy. "'Preliminary results about the predictive validity of the smartphone-based assessment are available and show that, by instrumenting the Timed Up and Go test--a traditional clinical test--using smartphones, we can measure fine details of movement which are strongly associated with the history of falls and, more importantly, features, such as the smoothness of the sit-to-walk transition, that are highly predictive of the probability of falling within six months." Announcement