Cleveland Clinic goes virtual with mHealth consultation pilot

The Cleveland Clinic is deploying a telemedicine service tapping mobile devices to provide patients a virtual consultation within minutes.

The MyCare Online offering by Cleveland Clinic costs $49 per care interaction and requires either a smartphone, iPad or PC and a free app, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The service, which connects patients with a physician or nurse, is focused on helping users dealing with minor health issues such as rashes, the cold or the flu.

Such mHealth services increasingly are being embraced by providers for a slew of reasons, from cost savings to improved care quality. For instance, as FierceMobileHealthcare has reported, UnitedHealthcare is partnering with Doctor On Demand, American Well and Optum to expand virtual healthcare services to a network of care physicians that will be accessible 24/7 via mobile devices and tablets.

A year ago Cleveland Clinic launched its first virtual medical service, HealthSpot, which deploys walk-in kiosks at the provider's family health centers and in grocery locations. The new MyCare Online will also provide patient services such as counseling, nutritional guidance and pharmacist consultations in the future, according to The Plain Dealer. At some point the provider hopes the new service, which has been developed in a partnership with telemedicine provider American Well, will be available on a 24/7 basis.

In May, American well announced its newest venture, Telehealth 2.0, aimed at putting telehealth services in physicians' pockets. The mobile app is focused on helping patients with chronic conditions, allowing physicians to reach their customers at home.

For more information:
- read the The Plain Dealer report
- download the MyCare app

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