Cisco trying for segment of remote patient monitoring; New camera captures endoscopic images instantly;

> Cisco is jumping into the middleware segment of remote patient monitoring with a new version of its M2M Gateway product. Article

> Novation just launched an iPad version of its business PriceLynx supply chain system. The software reduces costs by allowing member hospitals to share data on supply costs and other metrics, company officials say. Article

> In Technavio's most recent report on mobile health, the firm says the market will grow by 24 percent by 2014. In May, Technavio predicted that the global patient monitoring market would reach $9.3 billion by 2014. Article

> The British health secretary is asking physicians and other providers to create health apps. Article

> AT&T is using telemedicine to shore up support for its merger with T-Mobile. Check out this interesting article from the Yuma Sun about AT&T's public relations campaign to convince the Federal Communications Commission to allow it to purchase T-Mobile later this year. You'll have to dig down into the article, but there's an intriguing mention of telemedicine as a reason for moving the merger forward. Article

> Cook Medical's new portable camera captures endoscopic images for instant viewing, and helps urologists share images with patients and colleagues. Announcement

> UC Davis just handed out $5 million to encourage telemedicine use in rural communities. Find out where the money is going. Announcement

> Military insurers are continuing their march into mHealth. TriCare's western operation, TriWest, just announced it has a new app allowing beneficiaries to check appointments, and access some of their healthcare information. Blog post

And Finally... A new definition for fool's gold. Article