Choose the right camera for your telehealth project

Your telemedicine program is going nowhere fast if the patient exam cameras and imaging systems don't provide medical-quality images. We found some solid guidance on the topic from the Telehealth Technology Assessment Center. Based in Alaska, TTAC specializes in assessing telehealth systems for the largely remote patient populations in that state.

It most recently tested out a cadre of telehealth cameras, video cameras and other imaging devices. The big winners were AMD's AMD-2500 camera and GlobalMedia TotalExam camera. They came in first and second place, respectively, in categories like reliability and mechanics, ease of use, and image quality.

The report also gives some insight into functions that improve image quality, and that new customers should be asking for, such as:

  • Polarizing filter -- this can help reduce glare on moist or reflective surfaces, TTAC officials say.   
  • Strong lighting
  • Image freezing
  • Manual focusing 

For more information:
- read this TTAC post