Case Western Reserve University offering wireless health online graduate program; Pittsburgh-area students wear electronic sensors to determine how flu spreads among children;

> Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University is offering online graduate programs in wireless health that will be based in San Diego, according to The Plain Dealer. Mehran Mehregany, director of the Case School of Engineering's  San Diego programs, told the Dealer that the programs "give the university a chance to showcase its strengths in a new market." Article

> About 450 Pittsburgh-area students wore electronic sensors last week in a quest to find out how they interact and how influenza spreads among children. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh plan to use the information about child-to-child interactions to develop strategies for stopping flu outbreaks. FierceHealthIT

> Whether you are for or against allowing patients to record their office visits using their smartphones, it's critical that your office develop a policy on the issue--and create a plan for how you'll enforce it. As lawyer and physician Katalin Eve Roth explained in a recent American Medical News column, there can be practical benefits to allowing patients to audio record their visits. FiercePracticeManagement

And Finally… If you're going to buy an iPad from a guy at a gas station, you shouldn't be surprised when this happens. Article