Care4life provides mobile education, support for diabetics

In an effort to help people with type 2 diabetes take better control of their health, Voxiva, the mobile health company behind text4baby, announced last week the launch of care4life, a mobile app and personalized online web portal that provides participants with daily education, encouragement and support via text messages.

Available in both English and Spanish, care4life is personalized to a patient's profile and focuses on education and adherence to their treatment protocol. It also allows participants to build an electronic record of blood glucose readings, blood pressure, weight and exercise that they can view online and share with their providers. This mobile-based interactive approach to diabetes education and support is the result of nearly four years of development and testing, according to Voxiva.

"Care4life will revolutionize diabetes education and support," Voxiva CEO Justin Sims said in a statement. "Since 99 percent of text messages are read and over 90 percent are read within 3 minutes, we know that this channel is effective in its ability to pace the delivery of education and reinforce desired behaviors on an ongoing basis. Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of mobile communications in improving diabetes self-management; we know this works and will make people healthier."

Currently, care4life is being evaluated at Utah's HealthInsight, a private, non-profit organization and the Utah Beacon Community Program, known as IC3, which seeks to improve healthcare through connectivity and collaboration. The IC3 Beacon Community is working with primary care clinics throughout Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele Counties assisting providers in improving the health and healthcare for individuals with diabetes through management and care coordination.

Korey Capozza, IC3 Consumer Engagement Director at HealthInsight is leading the evaluation of Voxiva's care4life in partnership with a number of healthcare providers in Utah. As part the company's promotion of care4life, Voxiva is offering qualifying health plans and provider networks the opportunity to enroll their members in the program at no charge through the end of 2012.

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