Cardiac app automatically calls ambulance if rhythms become irregular; the pros and cons of healthcare kiosks;

> Chronic Care Management Inc., San Antonio, just debuted an interesting new telehealth system, It allows patients to submit their vital sign data three ways: through a mobile app, the My website, or wireless monitoring sensors at home. Press release

> Clinicians can now get access to pressure ulcer guidelines through their smartphones, thanks to a new iPhone- and iPad-enabled version of the Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers. Press release 

> Check out the new cardiac smartphone app, developed in Singapore according to Science Magazine, that will call an ambulance automatically if your rhythms or pulse are outside parameters. Article 

> The McKesson Foundation in San Francisco, Calif., just awarded $1.3 million in research grants to encourage development of smartphone-enabled solutions for chronic disease management. News brief

> Debating whether to use healthcare kiosks in your hospitals? Check out physician's Satish Misra's analysis on iMedicalApps of the pros and cons first. Article

> California just launched the new California Telehealth Network, courtesy of a 3-year, $22 million subsidy from the FCC. Here's hoping it'll last past its initial endowment. Article 

And Finally... I'm pretty sure Seinfeld did an episode about yogurt that had similar abilities. Article

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