Boston Children's taps ResearchKit for hepatitis C study; UK-based mobile diagnostic service expands to new health conditions;

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> Boston Children's Hospital and Boston Children's Computational Health Informatics Program are using a new iPhone app called C Tracker, as well as Apple ResearchKit for a study aimed at helping to involve chronic hepatitis C patients in research efforts which may drive better treatment options. Announcement

> A mobile diagnostic service initially focused on providing tuberculosis screening is being expanded for additional medical conditions by the University College Hospital London. The software tool will help identify those suffering from influenza, HIV and hepatitis C, reports Article

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> As the popularity of private-option Medicare plans continues to grow, at least one major insurer has responded by taking an unusual step to increase customer engagement--opening more brick-and-mortar stores where seniors can shop for coverage. UnitedHealth, the nation's largest carrier, will operate 16 stores--many of them temporary--around the country during the Medicare open enrollment period this year. Article

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> Too often, security is seen as a technology rather than an initiative that should start at the top, according to a new AT&T report. Threats are pervasive and the stakes high, yet 75 percent of corporate boards are not involved in cybersecurity oversight, it states. Article

> Healthcare organizations are continuing to take telemedicine to the next level. Case in point: Mercy Hospital's new virtual telemedicine facility. Article

And Finally... You just never know what digging in a soy field will reveal. Article