Blood service taps texting to spur donations, thank contributors

In an effort to spur increased blood donations a Swedish blood service is using texting to let donors know how their donation has been used, and the communications feedback is proving to be successful, according to The Independent.

"We are constantly trying to develop ways to express [donors'] importance," Karolina Blom Wiberg, a communications manager at the Stockholm blood service, told The Independent.

Not only is the "thank you" proving popular, officials say, it's also driving discussion about the importance of donating blood. The diminishing level of blood donations in Sweden and other nations is an increasing concern. New figures cited by The Independent reveal there has been a 40 percent dip in donors from a decade ago.

Blood services are tapping social media outlets, including Facebook, to be more aggressive in soliciting donations.

"Our challenge is to make the public and especially the blood donators understand just how important their contribution is," Blom Wiberg told The Independent. Article

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