Basis raises $9 million for wellness watch

Basis Band, the wrist-watch-sized heart and wellness monitor, just got a major boost as it raised its first round of funding from two angel investors, Tim Chang of Norwest Venture Partners and Jason Krikorian of Doll Capital Management. 

The device, which tracks the wearer's heart rate, amount of sleep, and activity level, is still in beta phase, but that hasn't stopped the San Francisco-based company from putting a price tag on the as-yet-unfinished product ($199), and signing potential customers up on an "interest list." Today's financing announcement is the first from the company since it quietly launched beta testing early last November. 

Interestingly, the company may be turning investor heads, but it still needs a host of seemingly crucial jobs filled, including two web engineers, a software engineer, a biosignal algorhythms engineer, and an exercise physiologist, according to its official job listings.

For more information:

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