Australia mHealth market revenues hit $370 million in 2012; What is the profile of an average mobile health user?;

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> The Australian healthcare industry generated revenue worth $370 million in 2012 from data, voice and mobile services, excluding revenue generated by sales of mobile apps and devices, says a report from research firm Frost & Sullivan. Overall, the market for healthcare mobile data, voice and services in Asia-Pacific was estimated at AUD 7.6 billion in 2012 with Australia accounting for almost 5 percent of this figure. Announcement

> Indus Net Technologies has put together an infographic on the average mobile health user, reports, reports MedCity News. The average age of a mobile health user is 35 and a majority of them (54 percent) are male. A whopping 87 percent of them own a smartphone and of those, 33 percent own an iPhone. Article

> Vodafone Global Enterprise recently launched the third chapter in the series of mHealth insights guides as part of its global mobile healthcare initiative. The latest insights guide continues the discussion around the varying barriers to mHealth technology adoption by focusing on two prominent issues: privacy and regulation. Announcement

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> Governors in at least 22 states, including four Republicans lawmakers, support expanding their Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act, according to an analysis published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Article

> With the rise of electronic health records and social media use, the newly unveiled HIPAA omnibus rule requires a delicate balancing act for hospitals. Article

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> A computerized physician tool that researchers determined late last year could help in identifying heart attack patients at risk for readmissions now has a new use: determining which hospital trauma patients are at the greatest risk to die. Article

> Technology normally used with lung transplant patients has saved the lives of five flu patients with severe respiratory problems, reports University Health Network's Toronto General Hospital. Article

And Finally... Some people just REALLY don't like cats. Article