ATA 2011 Datebook

Sunday, May 1: 

Noon - Streamlining Telehealth Processes for Success

This professional development certificate course focuses on helping participants grasp the complexity involved with telehealth processes. The course is intended for managers of such processes, and teaches evaluation of performance processes, and how to use contemporary techniques and tools--sch as Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping and Data Flow analysis--for improvement. Registration required

1:30 p.m. - International Telemedicine Forum

Coordinated by the ATA International SIG (Special Interest Groups), this forum allows participants to "discuss issues related to international and cross-border telemedicine." The forum will focus on a report co-created by the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization about telemedicine and millennium development goals, as well as four country case studies regarding global development of telemedicine. More

Monday, May 2:

10:45 a.m. - International Emergency/Disaster Response: The Role of Telemedicine and the Strategic Path Forward

This educational session focuses on learning from our experiences of the past--natural disaster situations like Pakistan (earthquake), Haiti (earthquake and tsunami) and New Orleans (hurricane Katrina)--and putting "mechanisms in place to deal with them more efficiently. Asif Zafar, MD, FCPS, FRCS, a professor of surgery at Rawalpindi (Pakistan) Medical College will moderate the session. More

3 p.m. - Transitioning Successful Pilot Studies into Mainstream Applications

This executive roundtable session focuses on "meta-analyzing results" of various pilot programs that demonstrate how to improve a practice with remote patient monitoring, and ultimately designing a "conclusive large-scale outcome study" that will lead to reimbursement and routine use. American Telecare's Randall S. Moore will moderate the round table.

Tuesday, May 3:

4:15 p.m. - Helping Hospitals and Clinics Capitalize on the Promise of Telemedicine

How do you ultimately profit from telemedicine? This executive roundtable discussion focuses specifically on answering that question, while improving the adoption, use and outcomes for telemedicine. GlobalMedia Group founder and managing director Joel Barthelemy will moderate the panel.