Apple Watch mHealth app race off to a fast start

Software developers have been busy creating apps for Apple's Watch since late last year when Apple released the iOS 8.2 SDK and then its WatchKit SDK this February. The Watch, Apple's first-ever wearable, comes with a two semi-mHealth apps that fall more on the fitness scope, including Activity and Workout.

But specific mHealth Watch apps are coming in droves from major healthcare providers as well as app makers. In addition to porting mHealth apps now used on Apple's iPhone and iPad software developers are creating brand-new tools, as well.

The cFHR Apple Watch App, created by CareEvolution, lets patients connect with caregivers and providers within the Trinity Health system, offering up alerts, new medical data and lets user be more proactive in their healthcare. The app maker also released a cFHR HealthKit-enabled iPhone app last December.

DocNow, from HealthTap, provides personal fast access to a physician via video consult that runs about $3 a minute and offers up content, notification and reminders. There's also a version for physicians providing ability to review patient's medication and communicating with other caregivers.

The MediSafe Apple Watch app provides users with medicate management, allowing them to engage in healthcare content and easily check medication dosages and scheduled reminders. In addition, drchrono is offering the EHR for Watch, which lets caregivers access patient data anytime and anywhere and also has a patient Watch app available that provides patients with reminders on appointments, medication tracking and messaging to communicate with caregivers.