App promises safer medication dosing for kids; Vocera introduces free secure text messaging for hospitals;

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> More than 800 U.S. hospitals now will have free cloud-based secure text messaging from Vocera Communication Systems, which the vendor says will boost care coordination, operational efficiency and enhance a patient's hospital experience, according to an announcement. Announcement

> A new mobile app called The Wizard of Dose is providing anxious parents of sick children a new way to determine proper and safe medication dosage. The software provides a visual image and text readout, according to Medical Practice Insider. Article

> Researchers at VitalMedicals, a startup developing smart glasses for surgical units and hospitals, have raised $925,000 in seed funding from angel investors and a venture capital fund, according to HIT Consultant. Article

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> A "secret shopper" exercise to investigate costs of common hospital procedures reveals that greater work is needed to provide consumers with true price transparency. Article

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> A database hack at health insurer Anthem may be the biggest healthcare security break-in yet, with 80 million consumers' data, from Social Security numbers to employment information, put at risk Article.

And Finally... This rare fish is quite a bit speedier than it looks. Article