App aims to speed respiratory ailment diagnosis; Retired nurse builds tool for medical history information;

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> An associate professor at the University of Queensland's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering is developing a cough diagnosis smartphone app that could make respiratory ailment diagnosis easier and quicker, according to a report at Lung Disease News. The software, called ResApp, is in an early testing phase. Article

> An Arizona woman has built an mHealth app, called Medical History, that could eliminate the tiresome paperwork process involved in medical appointments, according to broadcast channel CBS 5. Karen Warner, a retired nurse, calls her software tool a "filing cabinet of your pertinent medical information." Interview

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> A New Jersey hospital is tapping post-discharge house calls for patients with cardiopulmonary disease in a quest to reduce readmission rates and emergency department visits. Valley Hospital sends a team encompassing an emergency medical tech, a paramedic and a critical care nurse to conduct patient exams, reinforce discharge instructions and provide medication insight. Article

> A new study reveals patients are more likely to face hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) on the weekend. The results raise critical questions on what stimulates HACs and best approaches on reducing such adverse conditions. Article

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> A new MedData Point survey reports that physicians younger than 40 years old are more apt to believe healthcare will attain a fully connected technology environment sooner than those who are over the age of 40. Those older don't expect such a scenario to take place until at least 2020. Article

And Finally... Yes, cows can dance, especially in spring. Article