App aims to prevent HIV, DIY healthcare top 2015 trend, telemedicine requires patient engagement

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> Mississippi residents can now tap a mobile app that offers up tools for HIV and sexual transmitted disease prevention insight and testing, courtesy of the state's health department, according to Health Data Management. Officials say it's the first mHealth app to offer such services. Article

> Healthcare workers and nurses at London North West Healthcare NHS Trust are tapping mobile devices and a new communications system to update patient records and check daily work schedules, according to a TechWeek Europe report. The mHealth system is providing nurses more time with patients and reducing unnecessary travel time and costs. Article

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> Do-it-yourself healthcare, such as smartphone-linked devices and mobile apps, is one of the top trends predicted to take root in 2015, according to a PwC report. Also on the list are an increasing number of portable home medical devices. Article

> The Dallas hospital emergency room physician who initially misdiagnosed the country's first Ebola case acknowledged mistakes were made but told The Dallas Morning News that given the information he had at the time of the visit, his care and treatment were appropriate. Article

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> Healthcare spending in the United States rose 3.6 percent in 2013, hitting $2.9 trillion, according to data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and published in the journal Health Affairs. The total spend averages out to $9,255 per person. Article

And Finally… Ancient shell serves as canvas for world's oldest artistic engraving. Article