App aims to help depression sufferers via tracking activity, sleep

A new app promises to help those suffering from depression by tracking moods and symptoms and then sharing data in real-time with psychiatrists and physicians.

MoodTrek, developed by researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology, University of Missouri-Columbia and the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation, also lets users track sleep and activity levels, according to an announcement. 

"Some patients keep a mood diary during their treatment, which can be helpful in assessing their well-being," said Ganesh Gopalakrishna, M.D., assistant professor of psychiatry at MU School of Medicine and a MU Health Care psychiatrist.

"But I thought that there must be a better way to record moods and activity. That led to the development of the app. People tend to forget what their moods were like just a few days ago, but through this app, I can now see that data and can use it to provide the best care possible," she said. Announcement

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