App aims to detect pneumonia earlier; Novartis tool helps visually impaired Apple Watch users;

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> A new app bodes big promise for detecting pneumonia in its early stages by assessing "lung crackles" via digital audio recordings, according to a Forbes report. It could save thousands of lives in emerging countries that have limited medical assistance. Article

> A new Apple Watch app aims to help the visually impaired by offering voice guidance and vibration alerts for safer daily life navigation inside and outside of a home environment. The app is based off Novartis Pharmaceutical's ViaOpta Nav and the new additional features baked in can help those with visual impairments. Announcement

> A 'smart' mouth guard developed by University of Florida researchers may soon play a big role in dental diagnostics, as well as personal health status. Currently, the tool can alert users on teeth grinding activity; down the road, it may also provide insight on body hydration and even concussion symptoms. Announcement

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> The digital health market continues to mature as we move into the second half of 2015, with Fitbit's IPO and a focus on personalized medicine leading the way, according to a mid-year report from StartUp Health. Article

> The healthcare industry fares poorly compared to other industries in reducing application security risk, according to a report from application security vendor Veracode. More than 200,000 application assessments from its customers over 18 months were analyzed using methods including static analysis, dynamic analysis or manual penetration testing. Article

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> A war of words--and advertisements--is taking place in California over long-simmering allegations that Kaiser Permanente has failed to provide adequate treatment and insurance coverage for patients who need mental health services. A Kaiser spokesperson told FierceHealthcare that the Courage Campaigns' claims are just the latest efforts in an ongoing union smear campaign. Article

And Finally... What do you know, spiders can sail. Article