App aims to boost support for sarcoma patients; Smart baby bottle wins FDA clearance;

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> Sarcoma Alliance and Medocity are debuting a new app aimed at helping sarcoma patient manage care, providing them access to health data and shoring up overall support in disease management. "We've extensively reviewed the app and its value to patients and caregivers, and are excited about this partnership," Alison Olig, executive director of the Sarcoma Alliance and a survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma, says in an announcement about the new app. Announcement

> Atlanta-based medical device company NFANT Labs has won clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its nfant Feeding Solution, a baby bottle that can relay information about an infant's tongue movement during feeding to caregivers via a mobile app. Announcement

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> While recent policy changes, such as the introduction of the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces, are intended to promote healthy competition among health insurers, they are hamstrung by the fact that many consumers still struggle to make informed coverage choices. In fact, previous research has indicated that nearly half of uninsured Americans lack confidence when it comes to selecting the right health plan. This can end up costing consumers and the government, a new policy paper from the Brookings Institute's Hamilton Project argues, as diminished competition results in insurers providing less-efficient plan offerings. Article

> An upgrade to the government's health insurance website should streamline consumer searches for information on doctors, medications and plan costs. Expanding the use of such tools may be particularly helpful for exchange customers, who are more likely than those insured through private employers or Medicare and Medicaid to be concerned with cost and value. It's a win for plans that compete on price, as well. Article

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> As both the cost of care and the number of chronically ill patients continue to rise, so, too, does the importance of telemedicine to the health industry, according to Partners HealthCare Vice President of Connected Health Joseph Kvedar. Article

> The American Medical Association's Telehealth Services Workgroup held its first meeting this week with more than 50 industry experts to discuss how to advance the technology. The group is "charged with facilitating the integration of the latest technological advances in telehealth services into the Current Procedural Terminology code set," according to an announcement. Post

And Finally... Avian family tree takes flight. Article