Android soon to debut version of hot ECG smartphone app

App vendor AliveCor is about to roll out a version of its popular ECG smartphone app for Android phones, capturing the two biggest platforms in just the past few months. AliveCor debuted an iPhone version of its ECG Heart Monitor technology at last year's CES expo.

The product is a single-lead wireless cardiac recorder that its creators insist is clinical quality, although not on par with 12-lead full ECG machine. The app displays the heartbeats using the phone screen as a monitor. Patients can press the case against their chests or into their hands to obtain a reading.

The product essentially is a skin placed on the phone, and then held up to the patient. That's a step up from other ECG products, like Imec's wearable ECG, which requires a lead and strap to connect to the ECG plugin.

Android phones already sport apps for streaming samples of "bad" ECG rhythms for diagnostic purposes, plus a look-up reference for clinicians on ECG interpretation.

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