Aetna: Mobile may keep insurers in the game; The best iPad accessories for docs;

> Ever wondered what your physicians and other staff are longing for when it comes to healthcare apps? Check out this forward-looking blog by Software Advice's Katie Matlack on "devices we'd like to see." Article

> Communication industry companies--including Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Motorola Mobility and BoxTone--announced they'll collaborate on a new mobile solution that will help healthcare organizations deploy Android-based mobile devices and apps. Article

> Social fitness app Endomondo just won Microsoft health user's group's 2012 innovation award. Judges seemed won over by the social networking segment of the app, which allows users to get real-time pep talks from friends, chart progress against other users, etc. Article

> An intriguing New York Times article balances the cool-factor of emerging do-it-yourself health apps for mobile devices against physician reluctance and other market obstacles. Article

> Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini says mobile development may be a way to reinvent insurance companies and prevent their "extinction." Article

> Hand this list of iPad accessories to your physicians--MD reviewers at iMedicalApps insist they're the best tools to get work done in the healthcare environment. Article

And Finally... Fishing is great, but I'd rather have my car. Article