Xerox system for Medi-Cal may see delays

Xerox's case management computer system for California's Medi-Cal program may be running into difficulties, according to an article at The Sacramento Bee.

The article cites a report from the state auditor, Elaine Howle, on the $1.7 billion system. Howle says other projects of a similar nature being worked on by Xerox have seen delays, which is causing concern for the Medi-Cal initiative.

The project is set to roll out in five releases, according to the article, but Howle says in the audit that while the first release is OK, the second one is much more complicated. Without changes, the project will not hit its June 2015 deadline, she adds.

"The continued delays and other problems encountered by these other states with much smaller Medicaid programs strongly suggest that Health Care Services has a high risk of experiencing more delays and problems before its new system is fully implemented," according to Howle. Article