WiFi portion of EarlySense solution cleared by FDA; DoD rolls out global EMR for 9.6M patients;

> Patient monitoring solution maker EarlySense announced that it received FDA clearance and CE (European Union) approval for the new WiFi communications component of its solution. The system wirelessly connects the bedside unit of the solution to the Central Display System at a nurse station. Announcement

> In a process that took more than 23 years, the Department of Defense recently completed a worldwide rollout of a clinical documentation system working with San Diego-based CliniComp International at 59 military inpatient treatment facilities. Thirty-six of those facilities were completed in just under two years. FierceEMR

> Only one facility--Peekskill, N.Y.-based Hudson River HealthCare--was named a finalist for this year's HIMSS Community Health Organization Davies Award. Press release

> Military officials continue to be on the leading edge when it comes to smartphone apps and their use in field of healthcare. This week, the U.S. Army is planning its first-ever stress-test of a series of smartphone and tablet apps in combat situations, including several medical apps. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... Makes me rethink the idea of ever getting another car again. Article

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