West Health Policy Center officially launches; Docs often miss abnormalities in images captured via cameras-in-a-pill;

> The West Health Policy Center--a non-profit, non-partisan organization aimed at saving up to $100 billion in cumulative health costs over the next 10 years--launched today in Washington, D.C. The center was created by West Wireless Health Institute founders Gary and Mary West. Announcement

> Doctors often miss abnormalities uncovered by cameras-in-a-pill used to capture images of the small intestine, according to a recent article from Reuters. Doctors caught fewer than 50 percent of abnormalities that the camera displayed, according to researchers. Article

> Calgary-based PreAxia Health Care Payment Systems recently launched an automated platform to manage health spending accounts online in Canada, according to the Calgary Herald. Article

> Laura Kolkman, R.N., founder of health information exchange consulting firm Mosaica Partners, said in a Government Health IT post that health information exchanges should let customers define their HIE service for several reasons, most importantly to develop an understanding of what stakeholders truly value. Commentary

And Finally... Even the most expensive technology can have a primitive use. Article

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